Organization & Management

Corporate Values

Since its foundation, Galenica  has based its organization and operation on a human-centered system. The quality of its human resources and the opportunity that is given to all employees to develop and keep up-to-date their knowledge and competences through educational and training programs, is one of its characteristics and the formula for its successful course and its future development.

The 'cells" of Galenica are human. Morality, dignity, dutifulness together with reliability, innovativeness and the respect of human individuality are the components that identify its path and the trace of its history.

Organizational principles

Management's philosophy is oriented towards the decentralization of responsibilities, the encouragement of initiative and the team spirit.  This is why Galenica has chosen to be organized in equitant operations cycles, which focus on better perceiving, understanding and serving both customers and collaborators, avoiding the common bureaucratic models.

The particular therapeutic needs in the countries in which Galenica operates constitute its own challenges. Every challenge substantiates into a different project, which is managed by an appropriately staffed Project Management Team. The capitalization of the virtues of free and innovative creativity and of the synergies that result from the holistic and common effort bring closer the realization of the pursued company vision.
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