Ιnternational Αctivities

Continuously following, observing and attending the scientific and technological advances as well as the evolution of the world pharmaceutical market, Galenica operates as an open innovation model and participates in several partnerships with research institutions in Europe, USA, Japan and India.

  • Investments on Research
    Galenica is very active in the research and development of its own products, the development co development and research of new medications and treatments for different therapeutic categories, giving priority to the safety and efficacy of its high-quality pharmaceutical products. At the level of basic research, Galenica cooperates with Universities and research organizations and companies both in Greece and abroad, whereas at the level of the development and evaluation of specialized pharmaceutical applications, it participates in the implementation of clinical studies both in Greece and abroad. In the field of research, Galenica focuses on the acquisition of know-how for the development of innovative value-added pharmaceutical formulations through the new company, to which it participates, Expermed.
  • Exports
    In the context of its sales growth, Galenica makes steady steps of expansion to other European markets, giving special emphasis in Balkan region. During the last years, Galenica has developed a healthy and uprising business activity in Romania, transferring its know-how to the local market. 
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